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Among the most frequently asked questions are: "Is glass wool carcinogenic? Is glass wool bad for your health?"

Is glass wool dangerous? Is it toxic?


Eurofibre glass wool can be used and handled without any risk for health. Eurofibre is very careful to ensure the safety of its products, and produces only bio-soluble fibers.

The Eurofibre glass fiber which constitutes all the insulating products on the market, whatever the commercial brand, is classified as a "non-carcinogenic material" pursuant to Ministerial Decree 01.09.1998 which incorporates the provisions of the European Directive 97/69 / EC (Certificate RCC 696453 / a of 12.05.1999) and according to the dictates of the German regulation TRGS 905 and law of 01.07.1998 (the Federal Republic of Germany has not implemented the European regulation - certificate RCC 752196 of 20.08.2000).


Glass fiber is also registered as a “substance” for the purposes of the REACH directive.


The Cancer Research Agency of Lyon (IARC) - organ of the World Health Organization (WHO / WHO) - on 25.10.2001 established that glass wool is considered to be "not classifiable as a carcinogen for human beings humans ".

The European regulation (EC) on chemicals No. 1907/2006 (REACH) in force since 1 June 2007 requires Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) only for dangerous substances and mixtures / preparations.
The glass wool products are articles according to the REACH regulation and do not contain dangerous substances. Therefore the Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are not legally required.

EUROFIBRE SpA, however, prefers to provide customers with complete informations to ensure correct handling and correct use of its products through the Safe Use Instructions Sheets (SUIS).

Eurofibre insulating materials consist of glass type fibers, with a percentage of alkaline and alkaline-earth oxides higher than 18%.
The geometric mean diameter of the fibers is less than 6 microns and for the purposes of the non-dangerousness of the fiber (classification as a bio-soluble material), note Q must be applied as per Dir. 97/69 / EC today Regulation 1272/2008 / EC

For the disposal of glass wool-based waste, the code of the European Waste Catalog (EWC) 17 06 04 - special NON hazardous waste must be applied (also reported in the Safe Use Instructions Sheets in § 13).

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