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The history of Eurofibre is substantially

the history of the Vaccari family, and in particular of Bruno Vaccari, founder of the Company.


Love for glass, constancy, tenacity,

and the courage to take risks always trying to transform life's obstacles into opportunities have allowed a young entrepreneur from Piove di Sacco

to make a dream come true.


Eurofibre was built from scratch, and certainly there were difficulties: every step was taken in order to work out a new technology. Bruno Vaccari step by step learned how to make most of the production machinery himself and to develop a knowhow that today has no equal.

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The opportunities of a young man born in the 1930s in the Veneto hinterland were to be sought

in big cities, but move at that time

it was not that simple.

Military service in the Horse Artillery Regiment was an opportunity for the young Bruno Vaccari to move to a more promising reality: Milan.

In Milan, after his military service, he soon began working at a famous Italian glass factory, where he remained for a couple of years.




The passion for glass was born at a young age when Bruno went with the family for a trip in Murano: for the first time he discovered the skills of glass masters and the fascinating story of the

island of fires.

From that moment on his love for glass became his life leitmotif.

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In Milan Bruno Vaccari acquires knowledge and skills, and in the mid-1950s he returns to his homeland, in Veneto, and opens his own company for the marketing of insulation products, including

products in stone wool (at the time basaltic stone wool from Reggio Emilia).



In the mid-60s, parallel to the commercial activity, he undertakes his first industrial experience in the production of glass tissue.

However, it was only a first step towards the

accomplishing something much more ambitious.



In the mid-70s, thanks to the expiry of a competing patent, Bruno Vaccari has finally the opportunity to found a glass wool manufacturer, not a licensee, the S.I.F.I. (Italian Insulating Fiber Society) and compete directly with the producers present on the Italian market at the time.

At the end of the 1980s, passed the experimental phase,

S.I.F.I. is incorporated into the current EUROFIBRE SpA

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