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Quality (ISO 9001)
Environment (ISO 14001)

Health and Safety (ISO 45001)
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We are constantly striving to improve our technology in order to produce glass wool insulation to meet the increasingly complex needs of the building and industrial market.
Innovation, production flexibility and high-tech solutions are just some of the aspects that allow us to be present in multiple segments of the thermal, acoustic and fire insulation market.
The set of our industrial activities, facilitated by the strategic geographic position, has allowed us to develop a constant presence at national and European level.
The need to respond to the quality standards of the different national and international markets, together with the need to objectively demonstrate compliance with the standards relating to environmental and safety aspects related to industrial production, have guided our commitment in recent years to consolidate a system
of Integrated Management of ISO standards on quality, environment and workplace safety

Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45001).

It is a choice that has given us the opportunity to address these three fundamental areas in a global way and to implement a process of continuous improvement to achieve high levels of performance according to predefined international standards.

By choosing our solutions customers do not just select a product from the a catalog but benefit from a complete and personalized service that helps to identify their needs. Technical consultancy service managed by highly qualified personnel is the key.

Our goal is customer satisfaction by creating a loyalty relationship based on the mutual desire for affirmation and growth on the market .

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