Slab with organic binder

MP700 TXB036


Eurover® glass wool slab, bonded with thermosetting resins, faced on one side with a 420 g/m² white glass fabric. 


Thermal and acoustic insulation in shipbuilding.

Technical features

Thickness from 25 to 50 mm.
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Thermal features

Specific Heat: 0,2 kcal/kg°C 
Working temperature: up to 250-300 °C for the un-faced product


Thickness Dimensions m   Packaging Pallet
mm Width Length Items/pack m2/pack Packs/nr (area) m2
25 0,60 1,20 12 8,64 16 138,24
30 0,60 1,20 10 7,20 16 115,20
50 0,60 1,20 6 4,30 16 68,80

Fire behaviour

MP700 (un-faced product) non combustible material
Type cericate (module B) RINA – MED119316CS/002 issued 06.06.2016 
Product quality certificate (module D) RINA - MED 112916VE/002 issued on 21.06.2016
TXB018 material with low frame-spread characteristics
Type certificate (module B) Warrington - 164.112/1121/WCL MED0310TE issued on 07.02.2011
Product quality certificate (module D)  Warrington - 164.112/1121/WCL MED0310QA isued on 07.02.2011
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