The glass wool is incombustible and it doesn't work to the propagation and developpment of a fire

There is often confusion between the two concepts of "Reaction to fire" and "Fire resistance"."

Reaction to fire" determines:
”...whether a material fuels a fire. In relation to this, insulating materials (among which, glass wool) are classified as Al, A2, B, C, D, E etc. according to their contribution to fire. Those in class Al are considered non combustible."
Therefore, the reaction to fire classification is a measure of the inflammability of an insulating material, e.g. glass wool, and not of a building element, such as concrete blocks or bricks.
"Fire resistance" indicates:
"... how well a building element, such as component or structure, can withstand – for a stated period of time – its load-bearing capacity (R), keep its integrity (E) and keep its insulation (I) in case of a fully developed  fire."
More specifically, the regulation states the following:
A. load-beating capacity (R) is the capability of a building element to keep its strength and stability;
B. integrity (E) is the capability of a building element to prevent fire, fumes or hot gases from penetrating from one side to another;
C. insulation (I) is the capability of a building element to reduce, within certain limits, heat transmission. The REI value, which is the value measuring the fire resistance, is measured in minutes and represents the time below which a building element is able to keep and guarantee its load-bearing capacity, integrity and insulation. 

Glass wool products are classified also for FIRE RESISTANCE. This is mandatory in order to obtain the EC seal of approval.

Due to its mineral and inorganic nature, glass wool is non-combustible and does not contribute to the propagation nor to the development of fire, emits no toxic fumes and doesn't produce droplets that could fuel the fire.Products that are unlaced or faced in Aluminium or with glass tissue are classified A1 with respect to reaction to fire according to the current European classification. This is equivalent to the former Class 0. 

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