Eurofibre's services

Application design solutions

Eurofibre uses sophisticated tools to design insulation solutions to meet all the demands in terms of performances, processes and costs.
EUROFIBRE's experience in designing and sampling allow us to identify, predict and validate the performance features of insulating systems in the industry and limit the need for costly prototypes in the early stages of design, when customer specifications are still under development .
Eurofibre has developed a Technical Office to thoroughly explore the insulation needs in the industry.
Combining the knowledge and experience that Eurofibre has drawn from a variety of scientific disciplines:
  • Materials science
  • Analysis of energy consumption
  • Analysis of absorption and sound-conducting
  • Analysis of thermal conductivity curves

Eurofibre has created its own internal laboratory equipped for multiple physical tests:
  • Thermal
  • Energy Consumption
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Heat resistance
  • Flammability/Fire reaction
  • Infrared images
  • Resistance to peeling of the adhesive components

Other tests can be carried out at laboratories with the agreement to verify:

  • Physical and mechanical properties
  • Tensile strength (eg tear)
  • Hydrophobicity
  • Microscopy and Electronic Scanning Microscopy
  • Fire test for profiles time-and-temperature profiles, flame propagation and smoke density
  • Acoustic properties
  • Sound absorption
  • Airflow resistance
  • Soundproof
  • Polluting emissions
Testing is based on international EN or ISO standards as well as on specific industry requirements or our internal quality standards.

Thermal and acoustic forecast calculation

From the data sent by customers or obtained in the literature, the Technical-Commercial Service is able to develop predictive thermal and acoustic calculations using the appropriate software.
Thermal and hygrometry
Evaluation of the thermal and hygrometric insulation performances of any stratigraphy (horizontal and vertical) in steady state (thermal transmittance calculation, thermal resistance calculation) and periodic (periodic thermal transmittance, areic periodic thermal capacity, thermal admittance, attenuation factor, phase shift).

Soundproofing power
Soundproofing forecast of walls, floors, roofs and ceilings and impact noise assessment on floors and roofs. The softwares are used to verify the passive acoustic requirements of buildings and calculations can be performed both for frequencies and for indices.
Sound absorption
The calculation of the acoustic absorption coefficient is done in several stages: determination of the coefficient of impedance and specific propagation of porous materials. Calculation of system specific impedance. Conversion of the specific impedance in the absorption coefficients, at normal and casual incidence, and calculation of the transmission loss.
In the picture above: Instrumentation for measuring the energy performances of domestic ovens according to CEI EN 50304.
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